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An extension for using Haml templates in your Bottle applications.


bottle-haml is available via PIP:

pip install bottle-haml


Once installed, use is simple. Simply import the helper method haml_template as follows:

from bottlehaml import haml_template

From there, usage is exactly the same as Bottle's built-in template method except it will search for files with the extension .haml and parse them as Haml.

def index():
    headlines = [
        "Tree Stuck in Cat, Firefighters Baffled",
        "Local Pet Spider, Silky, Missing"
    return haml_template('index', headlines=headlines)

Haml reference

bottle-haml uses the PyHaml module to parse Haml into the Mako templates that Bottle uses. For a reference of the Haml syntax supported please see the PyHaml project's GitHub page.

Copyright (c) 2013 WireLoad Inc.

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