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❔ What is Wiremod?

Wiremod is an addon that was created by Erkle, and is now maintained by the Wire Team. This addon allows the user to spawn gates, sensors, inputs and outputs and wire them together into working, computer-like contraptions in Garry's Mod. The gates are connected with wires, which are beams that act as a medium to carry the output from one wired entity to an input on another.

📖 How do I learn about wiremod?

Use the sidebar to learn about Tools provided by Wiremod, such as Gates and Expression 2. If you need any specific help, you can ask on the discord. There are also some community-made tutorials here, granted they may be outdated.

⬇️ Installation

Subscribe on the steam workshop or clone the repository from github.
Canary version is synced to GitHub and will get the latest updates immediately.

Addon Workshop GitHub
Wiremod (Stable) Wiremod
Wiremod (Canary) Wiremod Canary
AdvDupe2 AdvDupe2
Wire Extras None yet

🐛 Bugs and Exploits

If you discover a bug, an exploit, or a crash, please report it to the github page..
Keep your installation up to date for the latest security fixes, and performance improvements.

🤝 Contributing

The wiki is vastly underdeveloped. Most tools and gates aren't documented. This is due to the unfortunate demise of the original Wiremod Wiki. If you want to see a tool, or gate documented here, please contribute by logging in to your Github account and editing pages as you see fit. This is a community based wiki.

Here's the archive for the old wiki

Expression 2 ⚛️

Tutorials (In learning order) 🎓

Extras ❔

Tools 🛠️

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Beacon 💡

Control 🎛️

Data 💿

Detection 👀

Display 💻


I/O 🔌

Physics 🚀

Utilities 🛠️


Wireless 🛜

Gates 🚥

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