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Home of agate, csvkit, proof, and other tools for journalists and data users.

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  1. csvkit csvkit Public

    A suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats.

    Python 5.8k 604

  2. agate agate Public

    A Python data analysis library that is optimized for humans instead of machines.

    Python 1.2k 152

  3. leather leather Public

    Python charting for 80% of humans.

    Python 326 28

  4. proof proof Public

    A Python library for creating fast, repeatable and self-documenting data analysis pipelines.

    Python 235 28

  5. ffs ffs Public

    Schemas to convert common fixed-width file formats into CSV using in2csv.

    122 42

  6. lookup lookup Public

    A repository of journalist's lookup tables.

    HTML 101 16


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