Compatibility with CSV files that have no headers #189

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These tools work without changes:

  • csvclean
  • csvjoin

The following had specific edits:

  • csvstack (the reason for this issue!): don't eat the first row of the 2nd, 3rd, etc. files
  • csvlook: don't render first row as a header

The following had some options that are incompatible:

  • csvpy: I doubt anyone wants fake column names when using --dict, so we just raise an error
  • csvcut: --names conflicts with --no-header-row
  • csvgrep: --names conflicts with --no-header-row
  • csvsort: --names conflicts with --no-header-row

Still left to do:

  • csvsql
  • csvjson
  • csvstat
@onyxfish onyxfish closed this in cc20a57 Aug 19, 2013

I don't know if "better late than never" really applies to software, but never-the-less... merged! I modified the implementation a little bit to make it more consistent with the "always the same output" philosophy. It will now generate default headers whenever the option is specified.


Thanks for the pull request, James!


Thanks, @onyxfish!

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