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Using an HTTP proxy on Play Framework's WSClient
2021-01-10 20:35:32 -0700

If you ever had the need to use http proxies from your JVM-based apps, you likely faced the pain involved with the Java Authenticator. Gladly, Play Framework's WSClient has a cleaner way/

Instead of polluting the global scope with custom authenticators, you just need to create an instance of, which can be set to every request while using the WSClient, like this:

import{DefaultWSProxyServer, WSClient}

val proxy = DefaultWSProxyServer(
  host = "", // no protocol on purpose
  port = 8000,
  principal = Some(username), // needed if basic-authentication is required
  password = Some(password), // needed if basic-authentication is required
  protocol = Some("https")

def f(ws: WSClient) = {

That's it, far simpler than dealing with the Java way.