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What is

Uptm (short for Uptime) — is a platform for web developers and website owners. There are two core features (and more to come) such as Website Monitoring and Automated Builds for Continuous Integration (CI).

Website Monitoring

Everyone knows that any website can accidentally go down. It might be caused by a web server or a code error or by any other reason. It is always better when you as the website owner get notified about that sooner than your visitors. is here to help you keep your websites up and running.

How does it work

We monitor your website periodically and check if it is up or down and immediately notify you when an accident happens.

What kind of resources can be monitored?

Everything that might be seen by HTTP protocol at the moment — Websites, APIs. More types of monitors to be released soon.

How to create a Monitor for my Website?

First you'll have to create an account to let us know your email we will send the alerts to. Then Sign In and you'll see the Dashboard.


Navigate to Monitors and click Add. You'll see the form with protocol, URL (or IP), monitor name and the frequency fields. In this example frequency 5 min means that we're going to check the website availability every 5 minutes.

Create a Monitor

Select a "request-type" monitor Monitor

Input monitor name Monitor name field

Input monitor url Monitor name field

Then click Add and you'll be navigated to the Monitors index where you can see the card of your just created monitor.



On the Monitor details page you can also see events list and response time chart.

Monitor Details

Automated Builds for CI

Demo Projects with CI config set up


Core Concepts of CI

What is a builder

Setting Up Builds for a Repository


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