TowerSE is a systems engineering model of cylindrical shell wind turbine towers.
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TowerSE is a systems engineering model of cylindrical shell wind turbine towers. The analysis uses beam finite element theory, cylinder drag data, linear wave theory, and shell/global buckling methods from wind turbine standards. The module is developed as an OpenMDAO assembly.

Author: S. Andrew Ning


This software is a beta version 0.1.1.

Detailed Documentation

For detailed documentation see


General: NumPy, SciPy, Swig, pyWin32, MatlPlotLib, Lxml, OpenMDAO


Wind Plant Framework: FUSED-Wind (Framework for Unified Systems Engineering and Design of Wind Plants)

Sub-Models: CommonSE, pBEAM

Supporting python packages: Pandas, Algopy, Zope.interface, Sphinx, Xlrd, PyOpt, py2exe, Pyzmq, Sphinxcontrib-bibtex, Sphinxcontrib-zopeext, Numpydoc, Ipython


First, clone the repository or download the releases and uncompress/unpack (|release|.tar.gz or|release|.zip) from the website link at the bottom the WISDEM site.

Install TowerSE with the following command:

$ python install

or if in an activated OpenMDAO environment:

$ plugin install

Run Unit Tests

To check if installation was successful try to import the module from within an activated OpenMDAO environment:

$ python
> import towerse.tower

You may also run the unit tests.

$ python src/towerse/test/

For software issues please use For functionality and theory related questions and comments please use the NWTC forum for Systems Engineering Software Questions.