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Wisdom-Framework ~ Web Is Dynamic and Modular

Main documentation is available at

Project structure

  • core -> core modules building the base-runtime, it also contains the wisdom-maven-plugin.
  • framework -> contains all technical services composing the wisdom-runtime.
  • extensions -> contains Wisdom extensions used in this project. For example the asciidoc support is provided to generate the documentation.
  • documentation -> contains the documentation, samples and tutorials

Building Wisdom

Building Wisdom is a two steps process. There are two reasons for that. First, Wisdom is built on Wisdom. Then, Maven has a (big) limitation when having a reactor building an extension (a plugin extending the lifecycle) used by other modules.

So to build Wisdom:

  1. Gets the code using git clone (replace the url if you are using a fork)
  2. Build Wisdom Core
mvn clean install -Pcore,\!framework,\!extensions,\!documentation
  1. Build the rest of the framework
mvn clean install -P\!core,framework,extensions,documentation

That's it.

IMPORTANT: Wisdom requires JDK 7+ to be built.

Skipping tests

Launch Maven with: -DskipTests.