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MoonScript IRC bot
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General Information

Project Information

Moon-Moon is an IRC bot run with the Lua programming language; however, the syntax used in the development version is called 'MoonScript' - this syntax can be compiled using Leafo's MoonScript program moonc and then loaded as Lua bytecode.



LuaRocks (recommended)






Getting Started

Installing Dependencies with LuaRocks

To install rocks locally, pass the --local flag to the luarocks command. This downloads and installs rocks to a local directory without requiring access to system directories. LuaRocks is recommended to allow for easy installation of all the required software.

$ luarocks install cqueues
$ luarocks install luafilesystem
$ luarocks install moonscript # Optional


Lua is used as a configuration language; bots must each have their own separate .lua file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/moonmoon (which defaults to $HOME/.config).

bot "#!" {
	server = "";
	port = 6697; -- TLS is automatically set if port == 6697
	autojoin = {

The Coroutine System

Moon Moon takes advantage of a coroutine-based asynchronous system which allows the software to have multiple things "running" at once - it's almost like having a threaded program, without threads. This offers some advantages:

  1. A single Lua state
  2. Fewer callbacks
  3. Cleaner code base

Adding in a routine to the queue is simple, as demonstrated by the below examples programmed in MoonScript and Lua for convenience:


cqueues = require 'cqueues'
queue   = require 'queue'

queue\wrap ->
	while true
		cqueues.sleep 5
		print 'Hello, World!'


local cqueues = require("cqueues")
local queue   = require("queue")
	while true do
		print("Hello, World!")
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