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SIRC - "Search IRC"

SIRC is a search engine for IRC logs. It has four big parts:

  • The front end, which lets users do searches and shows the results (and lets users browse old logs).
  • The back end, which indexes IRC logs and stores them in the log repository.
  • The search index.
  • The log repository.

The front end

The front end is written in Python and runs on Google's App Engine. You can see it in action (try it out!) at

The front end queries the search index for searches, displays search results, and renders logs for display.

The home page:

Screenshot of home page

The results of a search:

Screenshot of serp page

Looking at the log for one channel for one day:

Screenshot of home page

Browsing the entire history of a channel, with color-coded activity indicators:

Screenshot of home page

The back end

The back end collects IRC logs, adds them to the index, and stores them in the log repository.

To collect logs, I use code from my irc-logs project (I don't have a log bot, so I use the logs that nef collects at

The search index

SIRC indexes each line of every IRC log using Solr.

The log repository

I store the logs in Amazon S3. The front end gets them from S3, marks them up with HTML, and shows them to the user.


IRC indexer and search engine that runs on Google AppEngine.



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