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* This source file is part of the bstring string library. This code was
* written by Paul Hsieh in 2002-2010, and is covered by either the 3-clause
* BSD open source license or GPL v2.0. Refer to the accompanying documentation
* for details on usage and license.
* bstraux.h
* This file is not a necessary part of the core bstring library itself, but
* is just an auxilliary module which includes miscellaneous or trivial
* functions.
#include <time.h>
#include "bstrlib.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Safety mechanisms */
#define bstrDeclare(b) bstring (b) = NULL;
#define bstrFree(b) {if ((b) != NULL && (b)->slen >= 0 && (b)->mlen >= (b)->slen) { bdestroy (b); (b) = NULL; }}
/* Backward compatibilty with previous versions of Bstrlib */
#define bAssign(a,b) ((bassign)((a), (b)))
#define bSubs(b,pos,len,a,c) ((breplace)((b),(pos),(len),(a),(unsigned char)(c)))
#define bStrchr(b,c) ((bstrchr)((b), (c)))
#define bStrchrFast(b,c) ((bstrchr)((b), (c)))
#define bCatCstr(b,s) ((bcatcstr)((b), (s)))
#define bCatBlk(b,s,len) ((bcatblk)((b),(s),(len)))
#define bCatStatic(b,s) bCatBlk ((b), ("" s ""), sizeof (s) - 1)
#define bTrunc(b,n) ((btrunc)((b), (n)))
#define bReplaceAll(b,find,repl,pos) ((bfindreplace)((b),(find),(repl),(pos)))
#define bUppercase(b) ((btoupper)(b))
#define bLowercase(b) ((btolower)(b))
#define bCaselessCmp(a,b) ((bstricmp)((a), (b)))
#define bCaselessNCmp(a,b,n) ((bstrnicmp)((a), (b), (n)))
#define bBase64Decode(b) (bBase64DecodeEx ((b), NULL))
#define bUuDecode(b) (bUuDecodeEx ((b), NULL))
/* Unusual functions */
extern struct bStream * bsFromBstr (const_bstring b);
extern bstring bTail (bstring b, int n);
extern bstring bHead (bstring b, int n);
extern int bSetCstrChar (bstring a, int pos, char c);
extern int bSetChar (bstring b, int pos, char c);
extern int bFill (bstring a, char c, int len);
extern int bReplicate (bstring b, int n);
extern int bReverse (bstring b);
extern int bInsertChrs (bstring b, int pos, int len, unsigned char c, unsigned char fill);
extern bstring bStrfTime (const char * fmt, const struct tm * timeptr);
#define bAscTime(t) (bStrfTime ("%c\n", (t)))
#define bCTime(t) ((t) ? bAscTime (localtime (t)) : NULL)
/* Spacing formatting */
extern int bJustifyLeft (bstring b, int space);
extern int bJustifyRight (bstring b, int width, int space);
extern int bJustifyMargin (bstring b, int width, int space);
extern int bJustifyCenter (bstring b, int width, int space);
/* Esoteric standards specific functions */
extern char * bStr2NetStr (const_bstring b);
extern bstring bNetStr2Bstr (const char * buf);
extern bstring bBase64Encode (const_bstring b);
extern bstring bBase64DecodeEx (const_bstring b, int * boolTruncError);
extern struct bStream * bsUuDecode (struct bStream * sInp, int * badlines);
extern bstring bUuDecodeEx (const_bstring src, int * badlines);
extern bstring bUuEncode (const_bstring src);
extern bstring bYEncode (const_bstring src);
extern bstring bYDecode (const_bstring src);
/* Writable stream */
typedef int (* bNwrite) (const void * buf, size_t elsize, size_t nelem, void * parm);
struct bwriteStream * bwsOpen (bNwrite writeFn, void * parm);
int bwsWriteBstr (struct bwriteStream * stream, const_bstring b);
int bwsWriteBlk (struct bwriteStream * stream, void * blk, int len);
int bwsWriteFlush (struct bwriteStream * stream);
int bwsIsEOF (const struct bwriteStream * stream);
int bwsBuffLength (struct bwriteStream * stream, int sz);
void * bwsClose (struct bwriteStream * stream);
/* Security functions */
#define bSecureDestroy(b) { \
bstring bstr__tmp = (b); \
if (bstr__tmp && bstr__tmp->mlen > 0 && bstr__tmp->data) { \
(void) memset (bstr__tmp->data, 0, (size_t) bstr__tmp->mlen); \
bdestroy (bstr__tmp); \
} \
#define bSecureWriteProtect(t) { \
if ((t).mlen >= 0) { \
if ((t).mlen > (t).slen)) { \
(void) memset ((t).data + (t).slen, 0, (size_t) (t).mlen - (t).slen); \
} \
(t).mlen = -1; \
} \
extern bstring bSecureInput (int maxlen, int termchar,
bNgetc vgetchar, void * vgcCtx);
#ifdef __cplusplus