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= Free Message Queue (FMQ)
Project website:
Project github repositiory: git://
== TODO:
* add client apis for other languages
* complete unit tests
The project implements a queue system with a server and some client apis.
The server is a rack server that holds REST-named queues, so that the
implementation can be changed rapidly. You can GET, POST, DELETE, HEAD queue
messages using the normal HTTP requests. The system itself uses a configuration
file ( to setup queues at startup or even at runtime. The queue
implementations can be changed or you can develop own queues with ease.
For an simple administration try out the integrated ajax based web interface.
The client apis are implemented using the HTTP protocol, so that you can
use even curl to receive messages. A client library for ruby is implemented
right now, other languages will follow.
The queue itself is a RESTful url like http://localhost:5884/myQueueName/
or http://localhost:5884/myApplication/myQueueName/. If you do a GET request
to this url with a web browser you will receive one message from the queue.
After installing the gem you can start by creating a project:
fmq create my_project_name
next step is to change to the folder and start the FMQ server:
cd my_project_name
rackup -p 5884
The server will start and host a admin interface on http://localhost:5884/admin/index.html.
* rack >= 0.4.0 (web server provider)
Just install the gem as you expect:
sudo gem install fmq
Copyright (c) 2008 Vincent Landgraf