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* Make MDC support String, Symbol and Number as hash keys
* ...
* Move files from src directory to lib directory, following
* convential ruby gems.
* Add %T to formatting, allowing for truncated file path,
* This runs opposite to the c vs C patterns
* Added example to illustrate logger inheritence rules
* see: examples/ancestors.rb
* Added "levels" method to Logger
* Incorporating STARTTLS support via Nitay Joffe
* wrapping change with a check for ruby < 1.8.6 to require
* 'smtp_tls' and handle different calling characteristics
* Dan Sketcher submitted an almost identical patch a month
* later.
* Added examples/gmail.yaml and examples/gmail.rb to
* illustrate usage.
* Modifications to behavior of rollingfileoutputter.rb by
* David Siegal. Can automatically purge older files,
* intelligently picks up appending where left off, or
* deletes existing log files and starts at the beginning
* again.
* Fix for bug #28021 - major change to how Log4r
* handles thread synchronization, now using
* Monitor class instead of directly using Mutex.
* Yann Golanski reported what appeared to be a deadlock
* related to Mutex not being re-entrant.
* Change UPDOutputter to accept hash for :hostname and :port
* Charles Strahan's contributions to integrate with chainsaw
* including formatter/log4jxmlformatter.rb and
* outputter/udpoutputter.rb
* Bug #27819 fixed
* DateFileOutputter does not handle nil dirname correctly
* RFE #27401
* FileOutputter default truncation is now set to false
* Bug #27744 fixed
* Carlo Bertini reported NDC/GDC fail against Ruby 1.9
* Fixed a few missed checkins from 1.1.3
* Bug #27184 fixed
* Calls to not thread safe, now fixed
* Bug #27177 fixed
* RollingFileOutputter generates spurious non-numbered files no more.
* Bug #27369 fixed
* Null at end of yaml
* Adding Nested, Mapped and Global Diagnostic Contexts
* NDC and MDC concepts from Log4j, GDC from github Log4r
* Updated documentation
* Using darkfish rdoc style for API docs
* still need to work on rake rule for docs generation
* Bug fix for multiple attempts to open syslog from
* Sonny Rubuen Garcia
* Remove unnecessary log4r.gemspec file, this is now generated
* by rake rules
* Prune CVS directories and files from generated gem
* syslogoutputter overhauled, compatible with older versions
* see documentation for usage
* Fixed pre-existing bug where syslogoutputter would
* ignore using a formatter.
* Added Rakefile from Revolution Health version of log4r
* New maintainer Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill
* Update LICENSE and add LICENCE.LGPLv3
* Bug #3322, #3996, #23344 (duplicates) fix
* %t not handled correctly in patternoutputter
* Bug #5491 fix
* emailoutputter loses messages
* RFE #19847
* Use << instead of += to build messages, faster
* Log4r now available as a RubyGems gem (Jamis Buck)
* YAML configuration with YamlConfigurator (Andreas Hund)
* Docs and examples for YAML configuration
* Minor bugfix in Configurator (Andreas Hund)
* Make SyslogOutputter use full range of syslog's levels (Tim Bates)
* Actually install syslogoutputter.rb
* Update to rollingfileoutputter.rb (Martin Stannard)
* Vastly improved developer friendliness
* Added SyslogOutputter (Steve Lumos)
* Changed usage of #type to #class to conform to Ruby 1.8
* Fixed formatter.rb for new sprintf behavior
* Documentation fixes
* Added RollingFileOutputter (Martain Stannard)
* Docs and examples for RollingFileOutputter
* Fixed typos and improved readability of documents
* Fixed syntax that was giving warnings in Ruby 1.7
* Log blocks
* Introducing EmailOutputter - email log reports
* Introducing remote logging - send LogEvents over a network
* LogEvent wraps up logging data, affects Formatter#format
* Outputter made abstract, IOOutputter factored out
* Outputter#flush to empty internal outputter buffers
* Logger[name] no longer raises an exception
* Logger.get(name) same as Logger[name] but raises exception
* Extra requires needed for Configurator, EmailOutputter, and remote logging
* Added Logger.each_logger and Outputter.each_outputter iterators
* Internal logging with Logger.log_internal
* IMPORTANT: Outputters must now have names
* IMPORTANT: Use Configurator.custom_levels instead of Logger.custom_levels
* Nice XML configuration available with REXML (NQXML is TODO)
* Introducing the very powerful PatternFormatter
* Quality and quantity of docs and examples have improved
* Logger parents don't have to be created explicitly or beforehand
* A nice logo! :-)
* Fixed bug where logger w/o outputters doesn't log to parent
* Outputters can be set to log specific levels
* Reduced chances of namespace collision when 'include Log4r'
* Introducing ObjectFormatter
* Even more docs.
* Custom levels can now be set with Logger.custom_levels(*mylevels)
* More docs.
* Tested on Windows XP, everything works.
* Method Hash params recognize Symbol or String (:filename=> or 'filename'=>)
* Distributing a build of the Log4r API
* same as Logger.root
* Added lots of documentation (RDoc)
* Configurable path delimiter for logger inheritance
* Moved directories around
* Oops, forgot to update the docs
* Additivity is no longer inherited. What a dumb idea tha was.
* Runtime level inheritance is also a bad idea. Fixed.
* Added an installer
* Custom levels! :)
* Added dynamically toggleable tracing
* Expanded the manual and examples
* Outputter class now accepts a generic IO. Previously, it was abstract.