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Boost your apps with Wishtack's Steroids

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This is a monorepo containing the following packages:


  • @wishtack/reactive-component-loader is an Angular module that allows:
    • declarative dynamic component insertion,
    • component lazy loading and not only with the router (even with AOT enabled),
    • passing @Inputs and @Outputs easily to the dynamically inserted component (using ng-dynamic-component).


  • @wishtack/rx-scavenger is an RxJS Subscription Garbage Collector.


  • A TypeScript typed functional alternative to Optional Chaining Operator (a.k.a. Safe Navigation Operator).


  • An implementation of TCR (Test && Commit || Revert) for Jest.


  • Wishtack's Angular Schematics like scam which allows you to generate single component angular modules.


  • Angular's OnPush and ChangeDetector implementation for Angular 1.x.


  • [Work in Progress] Framework agnostic, reactive and fully customizable library to handle restful APIs caching.