Modular Psychophysics in Python
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Modular Psychophysics (mPsy) ----------------------------

mPsy is a modular approach to design of psychophysical experiments. Experiments can be built out of independent programs and modules. Programs can be in different languages. It offers a library of standard stimuli and also tools for building new stimuli, static and dynamic.

mPsy is free, open-source, and extremely compact. It embodies a minimalist approach to programming and psychophysics. The core of mPsy is written in Python.

The core can be controlled using several languages. For example:

  • the flow of the experiment can be written in MATLAB,
  • the stimulus in Python (or called from MATLAB without knowledge of Python),
  • and automatic plotting of the data could use R language.

Please see documenation at or contact Peter Jurica ( and Sergei Gepshtein ( for further detail.