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Medusa is a disassembler designed to be both modular and interactive. It runs on Windows and Linux, it should be the same on OSX. This project is organized as a library. To disassemble a file you have to use medusa_text or qMedusa.


branch Travis AppVeyor
dev Build status of the dev branch on Mac/Linux Build status of the dev branch on Windows


Medusa requires the following libraries: boost >= 1.55 (system, filesystem, thread, date_time), OGDF (required git), and Qt5 >= 5.2 for the GUI. You also need CMake for compilation and a C++11 compiler (VS2015 update 2 on Windows). Git is optional but allows to clone remote repository for specific features, see Compilation/Options.


Name Mapping Import Export Symbols Notes
ELF yes yes no no Some kind of reloc are not handled
PE yes yes yes no Reloc are not handled
Mach-O yes yes no no
  • Doesn't support FAT binary
  • on X86, esi as glbptr is not handled
GameBoy yes yes yes yes
  • GameBoy Color registers are not handled
  • All mappers are not handled
ST62ROM yes yes yes yes  
Name Mode Disassembly Semantic Notes
x86 16-bit yes partial Support until SEE4.2
x86 32-bit yes
x86 64-bit yes
z80 gameboy yes yes  
avr8   no no Broken
arm normal partial partial  
arm thumb partial no
arm thumb2 partial no
st62   yes partial  
Name interactivity Comment Label Graph Database Notes
qt partial yes yes yes yes  
text no no no no yes  
Name Notes
Python WIP
Name Save Load Notes
text yes yes Incomplete
Operating System
Name Notes


Each versions of Medusa bring a new specific feature.

  • 0.1 the beginning of the project
  • 0.2 new qt interface
  • 0.3 flow graph
  • 0.4 load/save database
  • 0.5 semantic support
  • 0.6 better python binding
  • 0.7 debugger


First off, you need boost libraries; you can either download a built version or compile yourself. Boost is available here

Now, make sure you have installed Qt5 if you need a graphical user interface (and I'm pretty sure you do ;)). Medusa requires at least the version 5.2, be sure to pick the good version on the official website or use your package manager.

Finally, we're ready to retrieve and compile medusa:

git clone https://github.com/wisk/medusa.git
mkdir build
cd build
# UNIX users should define CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE e.g. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release to compile Medusa with optimization
cmake -DBOOST_ROOT:PATH=<path to the boost directory> -DQT5_CMAKE_PATH:PATH=<Path to Qt5 cmake scripts directory> ..

# for UNIX users
make && cd bin && ./qMedusa

# for Windows users
explorer Medusa.sln

Note: If CMake is unable to find Boost on Windows, try to define BOOST_LIBRARYDIR. This variable must be set to the library directory (e.g.: C:\boost_1_55_0\lib64-msvc-14.0). In my configuration, QT5_CMAKE_PATH is set to /usr/lib/cmake on ArchLinux and C:\Qt\5.6\msvc2015_64\lib\cmake on Windows. For Windows users, you should probably add -G"Visual Studio 14 Win64" where 14 is your Visual Studio version and Win64 if you build medusa in 64-bit. To run the Qt interface on Windows, you may have to add the folder %QTDIR%\bin to your %PATH% and copy the folder %QTDIR%\plugins\platforms. By default, Medusa searches modules in the current folder, so you should run medusa executables from the folder where modules are located (e.g. build/bin on UNIX or build\bin\{Debug,Release,...} on Windows).


Name Default value Meaning
MEDUSA_CMAKE_USE_COTIRE FALSE Use cotire for building
MEDUSA_BUILD_WITH_OGDF FALSE Add OGDF project and build it, this library allows qMedusa to display graph
MEDUSA_MODULES_TO_BUILD "all" Semicolon-separated list of modules to build, or "all"


Main interface


Control flow graph







Docker image

If you do not wish to install the various dependencies on your system, you can use this docker image instead. Even though it is working out of the box, you may want to customize it to suit your needs or for added security (e.g. restrict ssh access to public key authentication only).

Build the Medusa container

docker build -t medusa .

Going inside the container

docker run -it medusa /bin/bash

OR launch qMedusa (ssh with X forwarding)

  • docker run -it -d medusa
  • ssh -X developer@<containers_ip> "medusa/build/bin/qMedusa"



  • My schoolmates: epieddy, flalande and FX.
  • My workmate: gg, w1gz, lemme.
  • Yusuke Kamiyamane for his icons
  • gunmetal313, saeschdivara, kangjoni76, KarlVogel, ekse for their contributions.