Xamarin.Android: Access Your External, REMOVABLE SD Card
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Xamarin.Android: Use your removable SD card (KitKat+ too!)

Demonstrates how to how to access the 'external', REMOVABLE SD card plugged into your Android device.

The code example is done in C#, but exactly the same principles apply in Java, so it should be extremely easy for an Android Java dev to understand exactly what's going on.


There's been a lot of questions on StackOverflow (and other places) about how to access the 'External Storage' on an Android device. Most people seem to want to know how to read from (and write to) the SD card the've plugged into the SD card slot in their device.

This sample project shows you how to do just that.

For more details, there's two blog posts about this that I've put together;

Everything in here is released as OSS under the MIT license, so feel free to use it any way you like.