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This is a simple tutorial/how-to on building a widget for an Android device, using Xamarin.

bluetooth logo bluetooth logo bluetooth logo bluetooth logo

I've used an example of enabling/disabling Bluetooth because

  • It's slightly more complex than a pointless "hello world!" widget that doesn't actually show you anything.
  • I needed a widget to do this, so I built one. Yes, I could have just downloaded one, but where's the fun in that? And this way you may benefit too.
  • It's reproducible enough that it can be used to build a similar one for wi-fi, or location, or NFC or something else.

As it stands, this widget does the following:

  • Reacts and changes its display based on power-state and connectivity-state changes in your device's built-in adapter.
  • Toggles the enabling/disabling of the default Bluetooth adapter by tapping the widget.

It is based on the (simpler) xamarin-bluetooth-status-widget, which I built a couple of weeks ago, and promised to extend to allow toggling and monitoring of connectivity status too. And to show you how it all fits together, there's a post on my blog over at

I've also released it as an app on the Google Play store, because reasons.

####License Copyright (c) 2014, John Wilson.

This code is released under the MIT license. However one of the Bluetooth symbol images is provided by a third-party, and was distributed as 'freeware, not for commercial use'. So if you plan on using the code in this repo as the basis for a commercial product (go right ahead!), you'll need to source your Bluetooth symbol image(s) from elsewhere


How to enable/disable Bluetooth with a Xamarin widget




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