About the hroot project

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Hroot is a web-based software for the organisation and management of experiments, experimenters and participants. It is developed by the WiSo research laboratory of the University of Hamburg (http://www.wiso.uni-hamburg.de/en/forschung/forschungslabor/home/). If you have questions that go beyond this wiki documentation, please feel free to contact us at the University of Hamburg. Contact technical staff in charge of support: experiments@wiso.uni-hamburg.de.

You can install and use hroot for free, the program can be licensed free of charge. To receive the software just download the hroot license agreement on our homepage (http://www.wiso.uni-hamburg.de/en/forschung/forschungslabor/experimentallabor/aktuelle-projekte/hroot/) and send us four completely filled and signed copies via postal service to the following address: Universität Hamburg, School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, WiSo Research Laboratory, Von-Melle-Park 5, 20146 Hamburg,Germany.

When you report results of experiments administered with hroot, the licence requires that you mention its use in your publication and cite our Working Paper. The correct citation is:

The experiment was organized and recruited with the software hroot (Bock, Olaf, Ingmar Baetge & Andreas Nicklisch, 2014).


Bock, Olaf, Ingmar Baetge & Andreas Nicklisch (2014). hroot – Hamburg registration and organization online tool. European Economic Review 71, 117-120.

hroot is implemented with Ruby on Rails, a powerful web development framework. However, installation and maintenance of a webserver running Rails is a bit more challenging than installing a PHP-Site.

Getting help and reporting bugs

Please contribute your experience using hroot by sending us emails, or contacting us in case of problems.

If you find bugs or have a good idea about a feature, please use the Github issue tracker for this project: https://github.com/wiso-forschungslabor/hroot/issues. You can also send us an email via experiments@wiso.uni-hamburg.de.

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