Send messages from Elixir to C++ through nanomsg
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Messages Between Elixir and C++

Send MessagePack messages from Elixir to C++ through nanomsg.


There is a Elixir application in elixir_client and a C++ application in cpp_server. Elixir sends MessagePack encoded messages through nanomsg to a Qt/C++ application. The C++ application is a GUI application that shows the received messages in a windows (Qt TextArea) as a string.


  • Qt installation (tested with version 5.4).
  • nanomsg installation. It is important to use the same version as that is shipped with basho/enm. Currently 0.5-beta.
  • MessagePack installation (tested with Debian package libmsgpack-dev).


C++. This compiles and start the GUI application.

cd cpp_server
qmake .

Elixir. This fetches, compiles and starts the Erlang/Elixir applications.

cd elixir_client
mix deps.get
mix deps.compile
iex -S mix

Once we are in the Elixir shell, we can start sending messages to the C++ program.

{:ok, s} = :enm.pair
:enm.connect(s, "ipc:///tmp/test.ipc")
:enm.send(s, [<<1>> | Msgpax.pack!(["hey", "hoo"])])