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Selective Doxygen

Script to generate doxygen documentation for all or a selection of directories, based on command line parameters.

This script is part of an article.


Download the script and place it to the directory where the documentation should be created.

curl -fLo /path/do/project/doxygen_make.bash \

If not already present, generate a new doxygen configuration file.

doxygen -g

The script can the be used from anywhere in the filesystem. Without any parameters, the script generates the documentation for all directories specified with the INPUT parameter in the Doxyfile. Otherwise, a space separated list of directories can be specfied as arguments. Then only the documentation for the selected directories will be generated.

Note that the script only prints the commands to be executed. To effectively execute them, pipe the output to bash.


./ io util | bash

More Documentation

Please read the documentation in the script itself. It might be necessary to adjust the source directory. Also read the documentation of doxygen to understand how to configure doxygen.