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Welcome to the Wisp project!

About Wisp


Current situation

Everything running stable, our next steps are the release of an ANN on Bitcointalk and the release of Windows binaries.

Using Wisp

You can download the current wallet from


Wisp is an open community project that consists of volunteer contributors. If you would like to join, please visit our Discord (link below). All development is happening here on Github. Each repository has their own issue tracker that lists open tasks that apply to the content of the respective repository:

The 'doc' repository has a special role since the doc issue tracker does not only contain tasks regarding the documentation, but ANY task that does not apply to one of the other 3 repositories (wallet, website, graphics), for example marketing tasks, coding tasks for getting listed on decentralized exchanges etc..

Pull requests will be reviewed and merged by an existing contributor. Individuals who are making high-quality contributions on a regular basis will receive the "Contributor" status on Discord. Additionally, push access to Github may be given on an individual basis.


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