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"max-line-length": 79,
// list codes for fixes; used by --ignore and --select
"list-fixes": "",
// do not fix these errors / warnings(e.g. E4, W)
"ignore": "E24, E226",
// select errors / warnings(e.g. E4, W)
"select": "",
// enable possibly unsafe changes (E711, E712)
"aggressive": 0,
// number of spaces per indent level
"indent-size": 4,
"format_on_save": false,
"show_output_panel": true,
// Format/Preview menu items only appear for views
// with syntax from `syntax_list`
// value is base filename of the .tmLanguage syntax files
"syntax_list": ["Python"],
"file_menu_search_depth": 3, // max depth to search python files
"avoid_new_line_in_select_mode": false
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