Ruby wrapper for Wistia's data API
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Wistia API Gem

Ruby wrapper for the Wistia Data API.

Useful as a wrapper for the Wistia::Media, Wistia::Project, Wistia::Projects::Sharing, and Wistia::Stats classes.

See for more info.

Required gems:

  • activeresource >= 2.3.8


gem install wistia-api

Basic Usage

Start by requiring Wistia and configuring your API password:

require 'wistia'
Wistia.password = 'your-api-password-here'

Configuration Options

Set the format of the API:

Wistia.format = 'json'  # This is the default.
Wistia.format = 'xml'

Read configuration from an external YAML file:


For an example YAML config, see spec/support/config.test.yml

Configure using a Hash:

Wistia.use_config!(:wistia => {
  :api => {
    :password => 'your-api-password',
    :format => 'xml-or-json'


List all Media in your account:


List all Projects in your account:


List all Sharing objects for a project:

Wistia::Projects::Sharing.find(:all, params: { project_id: 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID' })

Get stats for a project since December 1, 2012

Wistia::Stats::Project.get('YOUR_PROJECT_ID/by_date', start_date: '2012-12-01')

List Overall Stats for Your Account


Find Media based on media id in your account:

media = Wistia::Media.find('YOUR_MEDIA_ID')

so you can access all attributes of media through media object. # => 'video name'

also you can update media attributes through this object. = 'new video name'  # => true

Find Project based on project id in your account:

project = Wistia::Project.find('YOUR_PROJECT_ID')

so you can access all attributes of project through project object. # => 'project name'

also you can update project attributes through this object. = 'new project name' # => true


Copyright (c) 2011 Wistia, Inc. See LICENSE.txt for further details.