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Fix for JRuby 1.7+ #3

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JRuby 1.7 uses the 'syck' YAML engine instead of 'yecht'. This breaks configatron because it depends on Yecht. That issue was reported months ago but the patch has not been applied so this patch represents pragmatic solution to the issue.


We have applied the same patch in our (rails) wistia initializer and it works fine. I couldn't get your specs to run though (even before I applied this change) so apologies if I have inadvertantly broken something.

@jbancroft jbancroft merged commit 1085665 into wistia:master
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  1. +17 −0 lib/config.rb
17 lib/config.rb
@@ -1,3 +1,20 @@
+# Workaround for a problem with configatron in JRuby 1.7+
+# Contributors have suggested a solution at
+# but the patch has not been applied for months
+def running_jruby_1_7_or_later
+ RUBY_PLATFORM == 'java' && !JRUBY_VERSION.match(/[0-1]\.[0-6]/)
+if running_jruby_1_7_or_later && !defined? Psych::Yecht
+ module Psych
+ module Yecht
+ MergeKey = Psych::Syck
+ end
+ end
require 'configatron'
configatron.wistia.api.key = ''
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