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Latest commit 2f23df4 Jan 30, 2018 is a website for personal pronoun usage examples

For users

You can use any pronouns you like simply by filling them into the url path. For example,

That's pretty unwieldy! Fortunately you can also give it only the first pronoun or two: or

Automatically filling in the rest from only one or two forms only works for pronouns in the database. If the pronouns you or a friend uses aren't supported, please let us know and we'll add them. Alternatively you could add them yourself and submit a pull request (see the next section for details)

For developers

The database

The pronouns "database" is a tab-delimited file located in resources/ with fields and example values as follows:

subject object possessive-determiner possessive-pronoun reflexive
they them their theirs themselves

If you edit it with a text editor, make sure your editor inputs real tab characters in that file (a thing your editor might normally be configured not to do!) In Emacs, you can input real tabs by doing Ctrl+q

Running the app in a dev environment

First, install leiningen. Then you can launch the app on your own computer by running the following command:

$ lein ring server

This will launch a server running the app and open your default web browser to the index page. The server will automatically reload files as you edit them.

Philosophy on pronoun inclusion aims foremost and exclusively to be a useful resource for people to communicate the personal pronoun they use for themselves.

It is possible to use these example sentences to demonstrate the usage of words that are not personal pronouns, or even cleverly insert an entire story! However, as a policy we will not include such entries in the database.


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