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Simple Event Attendance Plugin for Wordpress -

Updates will be posted on my blog -

This repo will hold the latest development versions, which will then be pushed to WP once complete and tested.

Open Requests:

  • Add categories to event list shortcode to allow selection of which types of events are displayed
  • Repeatable/recurring events – Some sort of functionality to allow repeatable events – whether this be decoupling of event details from dates, or some other mechanism.
  • Register for events without requiring an account – I’m currently planning to do this via email confirmation and with a captcha, but need to test it.
  • Email notification – More broad email notification, both upon registration (to user and admin), and also allowing admin to email users.
  • Custom list pages and fields – Allow admins to change what information the plugin lists, and where it draws usernames and names from.
  • Additional columns in database to capture event details.
  • Internationalisation, and custom locale options – This includes the option to allow the user to call an “Event” a “Ride” or similar.
  • Custom redirect to put user back at entry page after login.
  • Capturing of timestamp when user registers for event (logging).
  • Update list page to give the flexibility to add category filters.
  • Ability to access event and registration data via WP Rest API

Features added in 1.5.0

  • Event calendar shortcode and layout – Allow you to group events into categories and display all relevant events in a list view on a post.
  • Allow other users to see comments on short-code form.

Features added in 1.4.0

  • Allow admin to use tinymce content editor.
  • Made compatible with PHP 5.6+
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