Repository for the original ArcadeBlocks HTML/Flash Arcade script from 2005
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Repository for the original ArcadeBlocks HTML/Flash Arcade script

ArcadeBlocks is a free, open source arcade script created back in 2005.

There is a branched version of this script, renamed "3arcade" available in my repository.


  1. Upload the contents of the 'app' folder to the directory you want ArcadeBlocks to run from.

  2. CHMOD 777 (full rights) the /img directory, /swf directory and the /admin/config.php file.

  3. Make sure you have your SQL database details and then run install.php through a browser.

  4. Follow the instructions and then REMOVE install.php when you are done.

  5. ArcadeBlocks should now be up and running. You can now install any extra game packs you have downloaded.

    You can easily edit the look of ArcadeBlocks by changing the title.png and another.png images.

  6. If you want to change the look of the rating bar, you will need to open rate.fla in flash, then

    compile and re-upload the new swf file. Do not upload rate.fla to the server.


Included with this app:

  • The application (in the app folder)
  • The Flash .fla file that holds the rating bar. You're free to edit this as you see fit.

For more information

For more information please see - there is also a game pack available for this app.