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This tool is designed to help you produce standardised, consistent app icons for Qlik Sense.
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Qlik Sense Icon Generator (qs-icon-generator)

The requirements for a Qlik Sense App Icon are:


This has been packaged as an extension, so just upload it under extensions in the QMC, then navigate to /extensions/qs-icon-generator/index.html to create some icons.

Example implementation: Default configuration, with a green logo generated

Note that prior to use, you'll need to configure the background image, and optionally font colours and sizes in config.json.


As of v2.0, configuration is via a config.json file. Two templates are included by default:

  • qlik_green - uses a partially green background image with white app name text
  • qlik_white - uses a fully white background image with dark text

To do

Current backlog:

  • Add word splitting for app names with words longer than the full width (currently these overflow)
  • Add handling for transparent background images
  • Add integration with QRS API for auto generation, and to allow pushing into a defined content library


  • Initial version (v1.0)
  • Add config for source image (source, scaling, opacity) or for a single colour background (v2.0)
  • Add config for app name (font, colour, size, location) (v2.0)
  • Add wrapping for app names (v2.0)
  • Update wbl file to include correct references (v2.0.1)
  • Add reference back to GitHub for future versions (v2.0.1)
  • Update .gitignore to include mac and other formats (and remove from deployment package) (v2.0.1)



  • Updated wbl file to include correct references for editing in the dev-hub
  • Add reference back to GitHub for future versions
  • Tidied unwanted system files and gitignore
  • Renamed plugin to align repository, estension and intended purpose


  • Moved to using releases
  • Tidied up readme and other files around the extension
  • Introduced "templates". These are be defined in config.json so that the user can then select between different themes
  • Changed file naming so that all alphanumeric characters are permitted in the download file name
  • Added some limited error output


  • Initial version
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