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:: ServiceCheck.bat
:: Accepts a service name, if it's running, exits. If it's not running, attempts to start it and creates a log file.
:: Uplift to check and retry?
Set ServiceName=%~1
::Set ServiceName=QlikSenseProxyService
:: Get date in yyyyMMdd_HHmm format to use with file name.
FOR /f "usebackq" %%i IN (`PowerShell ^(Get-Date^).ToString^('yyyy-MM-dd'^)`) DO SET LogDate=%%i
SC queryex "%ServiceName%"|Find "STATE"|Find /v "RUNNING">Nul&&(
echo %ServiceName% not running
echo Start %ServiceName%
Net start "%ServiceName%">nul||(
Echo "%ServiceName%" wont start
exit /b 1
echo "%ServiceName%" started
:: Now log out to a file so we have some sort of history
echo ### Service [%ServiceName%] not running on %LogDate% & echo %Time% Attempting to start service.>>"%~dp0ServiceCheck_%ServiceName%_%LogDate%.log"
exit /b 0
:: All OK, let's just write to console and exit
echo "%ServiceName%" working
exit /b 0