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Make individual options in addLineWidget optional

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1 parent b342694 commit 3cf3131601acb9415cb318dd0175b2641868d244 @joshuafcole joshuafcole committed Oct 27, 2016
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@@ -200,13 +200,13 @@ declare namespace CodeMirror {
Note that the widget node will become a descendant of nodes with CodeMirror-specific CSS classes, and those classes might in some cases affect it. */
addLineWidget(line: any, node: HTMLElement, options?: {
/** Whether the widget should cover the gutter. */
- coverGutter: boolean;
+ coverGutter?: boolean;
/** Whether the widget should stay fixed in the face of horizontal scrolling. */
- noHScroll: boolean;
+ noHScroll?: boolean;
/** Causes the widget to be placed above instead of below the text of the line. */
- above: boolean;
+ above?: boolean;
/** When true, will cause the widget to be rendered even if the line it is associated with is hidden. */
- showIfHidden: boolean;
+ showIfHidden?: boolean;
}): CodeMirror.LineWidget;

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