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The Eve Starter is designed to help you hit the ground running with Eve. It includes a number of simple demo programs, a CLI that lets you test Eve programs in node or the browser, and a server that handles most of the frustrations of packaging node modules for the web for you. When you're ready to start building with Eve, you can either modify this framework to suit or just include the runtime into an existing project.

If you're an experienced Eve user looking to include it in your existing app, you can find the runtime at witheve/eve.

Install the Eve v0.3 Preview Starter

First install Node for your platform.

Then, clone and build the Eve starter repository:

git clone

To run the latest stable version:

cd eve-starter
git checkout release
npm install

To run the latest nightly version:

cd eve-starter
git checkout master
npm install

Using the Starter

If you want to explore the bundled examples you can start the program switcher, which allows you to explore them from your browser. Any *.eve files places into the eve-starter/programs directory will be shown here.

npm start

Or you can run a specific .eve or .js program by providing its path as an argument:

npm start -- path/to/program.js

To view other functionality of the starter, run

npm start -- --help