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Alpay Yildirim AYIDouble
🛠 C# / Java / Python etc. 🖥 Hacktoberfest 2018 🍁

Zurich, Switzerland

Noah naltun
"You're a half million dollar super computer." If it ain't FOSS, it ain't worth my time. Go for the gold... Love your Free/Libre software.

CirrusLabs && @Cryptostat Washington, DC. Formerly Scotland

Prasanna V. Loganathar prasannavl
Technology architect, science geek, entrepreneur. Rust, JavaScript. Past life: Go, C#/.NET, C/C++.
Don't follow me,Because I don't like anyone to do this
Ben Lovy deciduously
Accountant by day, slowly learning me some programmin'.


Joshua Barretto zesterer
Hobbyist OS dev with an interested in language design, low-level systems and software safety. I drink too much tea.

Cardiff, UK

Jakub Hlusička Limeth
I am a programming enthusiast.

Czech Republic

Hirokazu Hata h-michael

freee K.K. Tokyo, Japan

cybai CYBAI
Keep learning.

@rakuten-f2e Taiwan

Fu FuGangqiang
Simple is Beautiful!

Guangzhou China

Rodrigo Reyes kouryuu
Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Ava Howell avahowell
infosec witch, cryptography enthusiast, blockchain minimalist

NCC Group San Francisco

Linux C++/Lua/Go Haskell Crystal
Slanterns slanterns


Yanchi Toth yanchith
I have approximate knowledge of many things


Neal Fultz nfultz
Computational statistician, programmer and data scientist.

@Factual Los Angeles, CA

Ruben Schmidmeister bash
Co-Founder of Myelin / Web / Rust 🦀 / Unicorn🦄

@myelin-ai / @hausformat Switzerland

Nabeel Omer nabeelomer
20, Undergrad // Systems Programming, Compilers, Reverse Engineering // Computer Scientist Under Construction

Student New Delhi, India

Roey Darwish Dror r-darwish
Merging is a three edged sword: your stage, their stage, and code that actually works

Infinidat Ltd.

Beatriz Rizental brizental
working on web stuff since 2013

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Matthew mtso


mahdi Robatipoor robatipoor
I love Rust Language

Iran kerman

Trishank K Kuppusamy trishankatdatadog
Chief Security Solutions Engineer at @DataDog. Helped to research and develop @theupdateframework and @uptane.

@DataDog New York, NY

Maysam Torabi maysam
Let's automate it all, and do all in parallel

@codehospital Planet Earth

Benjamin Delmas bdelmas
From React to RoR to Kubernetes. <3 techs


Fangdun Cai fundon
Live & Life <- Postgres <- Rust <- Swift <- JS <- ...

@trekjs @vue-bulma @atom-minimap Quanzhou, China

Douglas Correa douglascorrea
Fullstack Developer


Roman Zeyde romanz
15C8 C357 4AE4 F1E2 5F3F 35C5 87CA E5FA 4691 7CBB
Liu Xiaoyi CircuitCoder

Tsinghua University Beijing, China

Gábor Lehel glaebhoerl
cat, also crow


Diego Fernández Bigomby
I fix things

Freelancing Sevilla, Spain

Marcelo Boeira marceloboeira
Agnostic Software Engineer | @globocom alumnus

@hey-car Berlin, Germany

Patrik patriksvensson
Father. Husband. Creator of Cake ( ) now part of .NET Foundation. Founder and consultant at Spectre Systems. I like open source.

@spectresystems Sweden

Daniel Collin emoon
Demoscener in TBL. Does Rust at home and work at EA in the Frostbite Rendering Team.

The Black Lotus Stockholm