Transform .js files with GraphQL template literals into .graphql files
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Transform a .js file with GraphQL tagged template literals into .graphql files.


This codemod turns this file:

// User.js
const User = /* GraphQL */`
  type User {
    id: ID!

Into this .graphql file:

# User.graphql
type User {
  id: ID!

Note: It does so indistructively, it doesn't touch the original .js files at all. ⚠️ It will override an existing User.graphql file though!


# Clone the repo
git clone
# Install jscodeshift globally
npm i -g jscodeshift

# Run jscodeshift with the transform on a directory
# Note the --dry option, this means we'll only log which files would be output
jscodeshift -t ./jscodeshift-graphql-files/index.js some-dir-with-graphql-types/ --dry
# If you're happy with the resulting files do a real run without the --dry option!


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright ©️ 2017 Maximilian Stoiber. See for more information.