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Conducting Interviews with Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence is a WITNESS Guide provides practical tips and insights from activists, survivors, and experts on interviewing techniques, creating appropriate questions, safety and security and the effects of trauma on survivors.

The following files are included:

  • The English-language version of this document (as a Markdown file, see below).

  • A folder called "Languages" containing current translations.

  • A folder called "Media" containing an InDesign template, graphics to illustrate the text and a PDF showing our design of these materials. Feel free to use any of these resources to inspire your design.

Don't know how to use GitHub but want the files? Select the "Download Zip" button on the right side of this page.

OK, What Am I Supposed to Do With This Stuff?

We make these materials available so that anyone can remix, repurpose, translate or localize the information in them to the particular town, region or country where they will be used.

If you do use them, we'd love to hear how. Send us an email at

What is Markdown and How Do I Open .md Files?

Markdown files allow us to lightly format these documents for display on GitHub. For example, we use it to show headers, bullet points and links. You can open them with any text editor. To view the formatting, we recommend cutting and pasting the copy into [[( That site also has a guide to creating Markdown of your own. So too this cheatsheet.

Where do I Learn How to Use GitHub?

Understanding Github: A Journey for Beginners is a good place to start. Then try Think like a Git. Finally, check the documentation on GitHub itself.

Final Notes

We'd really like to hear how these materials are used. Remember to email us at


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