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Draw on your LED Matrix using a webinterface
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Web Interface


Draw on your LED Matrix using a web interface



Still a WIP project

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions:

Huge thanks to David Watts for providing the base for the web interface code! Check out his channel here


  • Instructions for getting set up with the display can be found here. Wring here
  • Download this repo
  • Open up "DisplayWithWebscokets" in the Arduino IDE.
  • Update secret.h with your WiFi details.
  • Upload the sketch to your board.
  • Check what IP address it received via the serial monitor.
  • Edit "Web Interface/index.html" to change the IP address new WebSocket("ws://");
  • Open index.html with your web browser
  • start drawing!

Next steps

  • Put web interface on ESP8266
  • Add support for dragging the cursor to paint many squares - Done
  • Add ability to sync display to web interface
  • Add the ability to load/save drawings
  • Add Export to code option
  • Too many to list them all!
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