multiple belkin wemos switch emulator using ESP8266
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#Arduino Esp8266 Alexa Wemo switch emulator

This project is completly based on the forked repo, all the hard work was done by kakopappa. I just reworked their code to make it consumable as a Arduino library so it could be easily pulled into other projects.

This library enables your esp8266 to simulate a Belkin Wemo switch. It can be discovered as a device by your Amazon Echo/Dot on the Smart home section. It supports calling the emulated device a custom name e.g. "Alexa, turn off test lights", where test lights is the custom name

The library supports emulating up to 14 switches using 1 ESP8266 chip.


The downloaded code can be included as a new library into the IDE selecting the menu:

 Sketch / include Library / Add .Zip library

Restart the Arduino IDE and follow the examples located at

 File -> Examples -> Esp8266AlexaWemoEmulator