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Welcome to the Witnet ecosystem!

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The Witnet protocol enables a network of computers to act as a decentralized oracle that retrieves, attests and delivers information on behalf of smart contracts in a tamper-resistant way.

This Decentralized Oracle Network (DON) maintains and distributes a block chain data structure that serves as a common ledger for the operation of the protocol as well as for the wit token, which incentivizes network players to abide by the protocol and makes them liable for any misbehavior. — Witnet Whitepaper

Active network participants earn wit tokens for fulfilling the data retrieval, attestation and delivery tasks coming from different smart contract platforms such as Ethereum.

Node operators, a.k.a. Witnesses

The Witnet blockchain is free, open, and neutral. That is, You can run your own node and mine blocks on the Witnet blockchain. Every node maintains the history of all the transactions on the blockchain.

Additionally, every node in the Witnet network can participate in witnessing, i.e. earning wit tokens in exchange of retrieving, aggregating and delivering data points from public APIs into smart contracts.


The Witnet ecosystem welcomes developers of all kind of backgrounds: from people who contribute to Witnet-Rust or Sheikah to those who want to connect their Ethereum smart contracts to external APIs. Developers can:

  • Build Witnet clients.
  • Build applications to interact with a Witnet client.
  • Write Ethereum smart contracts that use Witnet, e.g. integrate Witnet into DeFi protocols.
  • Build bridges between Witnet and other blockchains, so that contracts in those networks can query the Witnet decentralized oracle.
  • Contribute to Witnet-Rust or Sheikah.

Witnet Foundation

Witnet Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to stewarding the advancement of the Witnet oracle protocol and ecosystem, as well as the broader Web3 space, with a focus on fostering research and development of technologies that enhance the decentralization of communications and financial infrastructure in search of more freedom for the individual.

Witnet Foundation is directly in charge of the development of Witnet-Rust, as well as nurturing and funding an engaged and diverse ecosystem around the Witnet protocol.

Other significant actors in the development community

Beyond Witnet Foundation, there are other corporations and individuals who contribute significantly to key parts of the ecosystem:

The Witnet community is open to everyone. Even if you are not a developer or node operator, there are many ways to get involved!