Adds automatically gift products to the shopping cart when user defined conditions are met.
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Gift Rules

An easy to use Magento module for promotion purposes, very similiar to shopping cart price rules. But instead of discounts you are able to offer gifts.

This module comes with its own rule entity, no rewriting of the Magento core distribution.


The minimum requirements for this extension to run are:

  • Magento Community Edition 1.8


  1. Copy the content of the src folder into the root folder of your Magento installation.
  2. Clear the following caches under System > Cache Management when caching is enabled:
  • Configuration,
  • Layouts,
  • Translations,
  • and EAV types and attributes.
  1. Grant access to the module for other users beside the Administrators under System > Permissions > Roles, by activating Promotions > Shopping Cart Gift Rules, if needed.


To create, edit and delete shopping cart gift rules go under Promotions > Shopping Cart Gift Rules. To apply a shopping cart gift rule, make sure that in the edit form:

  • Status is Active,
  • Customer Group is set, e.g. NOT LOGGED IN,
  • From Date and To Date be true for the present day,
  • Conditions be applicable to your needs,
  • Qty is greater than 0,
  • and at least one simple product is selected as a gift.


Currently, this module is subject to some restrictions:

  • only simple products are supported as gifts,
  • and coupon codes are not supported.


Please report issues on the GitHub issue tracker. Personal emails are not appropriate for bug reports. Contributions are preferred as GitHub pull requests.


Licensed under the Open Software License version 3.0.