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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

1.1 (2018-11-18)

  • Added 'Open Automatically' to automatically open a modal window when you visit a page, with or without a delay, with or without setting a cookie
  • Added feature to replace modal body (with itself...) after closing said modal, to stop active content (like videos) from continuing playback

1.0 (2018-11-12)

  • Added 'Enable HTML' switch in params menu. When enabled, the user can enter all the HTML (s)he likes. When disabled, breaklines (\n) get replaced with <br />. This option is turned off by default, so if HTML is used with a previous version, this switch has to be turned on in order for it to work properly
  • Added 'Size' in params menu. This gives the user the option to change the size of the modal window (small/medium/large)
  • Added 'How to use' button that explains the user how to link to the newly created modal window. Like the 'Preview' button, this will be removed on Preview/Publish
  • Added 'Learn more...' link in extension description
  • Changed group to 'witsec'

0.3 (2018-11-05)

  • Fixed modal window contents, so they don't animate (fade up) anymore, regardless of site settings

0.2 (2018-11-05)

  • Fixed block's thumb, showing incorrect extension

0.1 (2018-11-05)

This is the initial release of the Modal Window extension for Mobirise.