A basic example of Stylable and Vue working together
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Stylable + Vue Example

A basic example of using Stylable and Vue together. This project uses a simple manual webpack integration with vue-template-compiler, @stylable/webpack-plugin. It then uses webpack-dev-server to run the example.

You can see the example running in production mode here.

Note: current version of the Vue CLI boilerplate uses webpack 3.x, and does not integrate with Stylable. Once the ecosystem moves to webpack 4.x, we can consider a more encompassing integration specifically for Vue.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. yarn install


  1. yarn start
  2. open http://localhost:8080/main in your browser

Project Structure

This project shows a custom component, CustomizableButton being rendered three times and receiving different customizations for each instance.

Each component defines the bare minimum styling API for itself (see customizable-button.st.css and buttons-container.st.css) while remaining functional. These are then customized externally from the root component, app (see app.st.css).

Stylable Intelligence

If you're using VS Code as your IDE, we strongly recommend installing our stylable-intelligence extension.

It provides a typed CSS experience including auto completions, hinting, diagnostics and more.


This has been one of my first (and admittedly lovely) interactions with Vue. We will gladly accept PRs that will bring this project in-line with the community standards for a Vue project. -Tom