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Detox uses Matchers to find UI elements in your app, Actions to emulate user interaction with those elements and Expectations to verify values on those elements.

Expect verifies if a certain value is as expected to be.



Expect the view to be at least 75% visible.

await expect(element('UniqueId204'))).toBeVisible();


Expect the view to not be visible.

await expect(element('UniqueId205'))).toBeNotVisible();


Expect the view to exist in the UI hierarchy.

await expect(element('UniqueId205'))).toExist();


Expect the view to not exist in the UI hierarchy.

await expect(element('RandomJunk959'))).toNotExist();


  • In React Native apps, expect UI component of type <Text> to have text.

  • In native iOS apps, expect UI elements of type UIButton, UILabel, UITextField or UITextViewIn to have inputText with text.

await expect(element('UniqueId204'))).toHaveText('I contain some text');


  • It searches by accessibilityLabel on iOS, or by contentDescription on Android.

  • In React Native it can be set for both platforms by defining an accessibilityLabel on the view.

await expect(element('UniqueId204'))).toHaveLabel('Done');


  • In React Native apps, expect UI component to have testID with that id.
  • In native iOS apps, expect UI element to have accesibilityIdentifier with that id.
await expect(element(by.text('I contain some text'))).toHaveId('UniqueId204');


Expect components like a Switch to have a value ('0' for off, '1' for on).

await expect(element('UniqueId533'))).toHaveValue('0');
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