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A self-guided onboarding kit for new FED Guild members
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Welcome to FED Training

This repo aims at providing the resources and exercises for self-learning to get up to speed with existing FED tools and technologies.

How to use

Go over the list of topics one-by-one. Most topics have a list of recommended resources to read or watch on your own. We encourage you to search for more. Google is your best friend.

Each topic contains the exercise or a small project that you have to implement and review with your mentor. Topics that are shown in [] are optional but very much recommended. This list does not contain any redundant topics.

If you feel lost on your path, you can take a look at the FED roadmap, track your progress and see the big picture.

Before we start

You will need to install the following:

  1. Google Chrome Browser
  2. Node LTS version
  3. VSCode
  4. iTerm2

Topics to cover

  1. Git & Github
  2. Browser
  3. HTML
  4. CSS Basics
  5. JavaScript Basic
  6. [Advanced JavaScript]
  7. Typescript
  8. Testing JavaScript
  9. Tooling
  10. Node Basics
  11. Client-Server Communication
  12. React
  13. TDD

Tell how it was?

You are done with basics of FED world. Please fill this feedback form.

Missing something?

You feel like missing something or found an awesome talk/tutorial that you believe everyone should read - contribute!

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