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Development Environment

This document describes the stylable-intelligence project setup and development process. Readme for the extension itself can be found here.

Project Setup

  • Clone this repo
  • Run yarn to install dependencies
  • Run yarn test to test and build (both server and client, note - e2e tests might fail if you have VSCode open)
  • To launch and debug the extension:
    1. open the repo in VSCode
    2. open the 'Debug Panel' in VSCode
    3. Choose the 'Launch Extension' configuration and press play, a new VSCode instance will open to debug
    4. Once the extension is launched, choose the 'Attach' configuration and press play once more.
    5. You can now add breakpoints and debug the project by placing breakpoints in the original VSCode and triggering actions in the debugged instance of VSCode

Misc. Resources

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