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npm version

@stylable/webpack-plugin (for webpack v4.x) is the main build utility for Stylable. It supports both development and production modes, providing various configurations that can be tweaked according to your specific needs. It enables loading Stylable files (.st.css) from local projects or imported from a 3rd party source (for example, NPM node modules).

Getting started

Install @stylable/webpack-plugin as a dev dependency in your local project.

Install using npm:

npm install @stylable/webpack-plugin --save-dev

Install using yarn:

yarn add @stylable/webpack-plugin --dev

Sample dev config:

// webpack.config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [new StylableWebpackPlugin()]

Plugin Configuration Options

Some of the default values given to configuration parameters depend on what environment mode is currently active in webpack (development or production). Below you can see the various possible configuration parameters and their default values.

Option Type Development Mode Default Production Mode Default Description
outputCSS boolean false true Generate CSS asset files per bundle
filename string - [name].bundle.css The name of the CSS bundle file when outputCSS is enabled
includeCSSInJS boolean true false Include target CSS in the JavaScript modules (used by runtime renderer)
createRuntimeChunk boolean false false Move all Stylable modules into a separate chunk with a runtime renderer
bootstrap.autoInit boolean true true Initialize the rendering of the CSS in the browser
optimize.removeUnusedComponents boolean true true Remove selectors that contain namespaces (classes) that are not imported by JavaScript
optimize.removeComments boolean false true Remove CSS comments from the target
optimize.removeStylableDirectives boolean true true Remove all -st-* from target (currently also removes empty rules which will be a separate option coming soon)
optimize.classNameOptimizations boolean false true Shorten all class names and replace them in the JavaScript modules
optimize.shortNamespaces boolean false true Shorten all namespaces which affects the resulting data-* selectors and DOM attributes
optimize.minify boolean false true Minify each css asset.

Sample production configuration

new StylableWebpackPlugin({ 
    outputCSS: true, 
    includeCSSInJS: false,
    optimize: {
      removeUnusedComponents: true,
      removeComments: true,
      removeStylableDirectives: true,
      classNameOptimizations: true,
      shortNamespaces: true,
      minify: true

Asset handling

CSS assets are handled by a url-loader + file-loader combination.

 module: {
    rules: [
        test: /\.(png|jpg|gif)$/,
        use: [
            loader: "url-loader",
            options: {
              limit: 8192

Compatibilities with existing loading mechanisms

If you're using css_loader/extract make sure to exclude .st.css files from the process. You cannot use loaders with Stylable .st.css files

How it works

The plugin transforms all Stylable files into JavaScript modules with CSS rendering capabilities.

Every bundle that contains Stylable modules is injected with a stylable-bootstrap-module as its entrypoint. This module is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all of the transformed modules are imported in the proper order.
  • Initializing the runtime DOM renderer.

The resulting renderer orders the CSS by the depth of each module, calculated from its dependencies and component dependencies.

Stylable bootstrap module The stylable-bootstrap-module is a generated module injected into the bundle as its entrypoint and ensures all Stylable modules are injected into the runtime renderer.

Runtime DOM renderer The core Stylable runtime renderer in the browser is responsible for rendering stylesheets in the correct order in the DOM.


Copyright (c) 2017 Wix.com Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Use of this source code is governed by an BSD license.