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A Toolkit that supports building all kinds of applications in wix
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🐉 A Toolkit that supports building all kinds of applications in Wix

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Getting started

Generate a new project:

npx create-yoshi-app my-app

Start working on it immediately:

cd my-app
npm run start

You can now open your browser with http://localhost:3000 and see your app.


Read the documentation

Check the documentation for more information about the different types of projects Yoshi can create, guides to specific parts of an application and Yoshi's complete reference.

Stay up to date

Head on to the changelog to see the latest changes in the code base. We try to respect semver to the best of our ability.


Yoshi is actively and openly being developed on GitHub. Contributions of any kind are welcome, including pull requests for bug fixes or features, and describing problems or ideas with new issues.

See our contributing guide to understand our development process before your first contribution.

A good way to start is by looking at issues tagged with Good First Issue. Please comment on the issue you'd like to work on and we'll be happy to give you some guidance 🙏.

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