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Lightweight resource and provider to manage Solaris zones.

Solaris, OpenCSW pkgutil already installed.

Configures, installs and boots Solaris zones.

Only a limited sub-set of configuration options are supported.

If the configuration of a running zone is changed, the zone must be rebooted for the changes to take effect.

New in version 0.0.2:

  • /etc/sysidcfg is now created by default from a template. Turn this off by setting use_sysidcfg to false.
  • If copy_sshd_config is true (default), /etc/ssh/sshd_config is copied from the global zone to the new zone.

New in version 0.0.4:

  • You can now re-configure options after a zone is setup.
  • More options are supported.


Solaris, zonecfg, zoneadm.


For /etc/sysidcfg:

node[:zone][:timeserver]  - The NTP server to use.
node[:zone][:timezone]    - The timezone for the zone.
node[:zone][:dns_servers] - Array of DNS servers.

For the zones:

path              - Required.  The path of the zone's filesystem.
clone             - If set, the name of the zone you want to clone the new zone from.  That zone must be installed and not running.
autoboot          - "true" (default) or "false".  Must be a string, not a boolean.
limitpriv         -  String containing set of privileges for the zone.
iptype            - "shared" (default) or "exclusive".
nets              - Array of network interfaces to add.  Interfaces must be in the format of "address:physical(:defrouter)
datasets          - Array of datasets to include on this zone.
inherits          - Array of inherit-pkg-dir directories. These cannot be changed after the zone is installed. Defaults to [ "/lib", "/platform", "/sbin", "/usr" ].
password          - Root password for the zone, to put in /etc/sysidcfg.  Must be encyrpted with crypt.
use_sysidcfg      - Whether or not to create a sysidcfg file. Defaults to true.
sysidcfg_template - Template name to use for /etc/sysidcfg.  Defaults to "sysidcfg.erb"
copy_ssd_config   - Whether or not to copy /etc/ssh/sshd_config from the global zone to the new zone when the zone is created.  Defaults to true.


zone "test" do
  action :install
  path "/opt/zones/test"
  limitpriv "default,dtrace_proc,dtrace_user"
  password "whbFxl4vH5guE"
  sysidcfg_template "my_sysidcfg.erb"
  copy_sshd_config false
  nets [ "" ]
  inherits ["/lib", "/bin", "/opt"]

zone "test2" do
  action :start
  clone "test"
  autoboot "false"
  path "/zones/test2"
  datasets [ "zones/test/mysql_data" ]


:install implies :configure :start implies :install and :configure

:delete implies :stop