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Jertix commented Dec 6, 2016 edited

Hi, I am trying to delete an item from the web.config, but every time I use XmlConfig compilation crashes. XmlFile works well, but XmlConfig goes always crash.

I'm Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
WiX Toolset Linker version 4.0.4305.0

This is in my .wxs file:

		<Feature Id="Complete" Title="$(var.RootFeatureTitle)" Description="$(var.RootFeatureTitle_Description)" Level="1" Display="expand"
			<Feature Id="MainContent"
				<ComponentRef Id="WebConfigDelAssemblies" />					


			<Component Id="WebConfigDelAssemblies">	 	

                 <!-- XmlConfig always crash  -->
                    VerifyPath="add[\[]@assembly='DevExpress.XtraCharts.v11.2.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B88D1754D700E49A'[\]]"
                    Sequence="1" />				


this is the error:
candle.exe : error CNDL0001 : object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Exception Type: System.NullReferenceException

Stack Trace:
in WixToolset.Extensions.UtilCompiler.ParseXmlConfigElement(XElement node, String componentId, Boolean nested)
in WixToolset.Extensions.UtilCompiler.ParsePossibleKeyPathElement(XElement parentElement, XElement element, IDictionary2 context) in WixToolset.CompilerCore.ParsePossibleKeyPathExtensionElement(XElement parentElement, XElement element, IDictionary2 context)
in WixToolset.Compiler.ParseComponentElement(XElement node, ComplexReferenceParentType parentType, String parentId, String parentLanguage, Int32 diskId, String directoryId, String srcPath)
in WixToolset.Compiler.ParseDirectoryRefElement(XElement node)
in WixToolset.Compiler.ParseProductElement(XElement node)
in WixToolset.Compiler.ParseWixElement(XElement node)
in WixToolset.Compiler.Compile(XDocument source)
in WixToolset.Tools.Candle.Run()
in WixToolset.Tools.Candle.Execute(String[] args)

@rseanhall rseanhall added the bug label Dec 6, 2016
@rseanhall rseanhall added this to the v4.0 milestone Dec 6, 2016
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Jertix commented Dec 7, 2016

If I try to install the latest "stable" version (3.10.3)
do you think that version have the same bug?
(my intent is to eliminate all duplicates assembly in web.config)

barnson commented Dec 8, 2016

It might just be a bug in WiX v4.

robmen commented Dec 8, 2016 edited

99.99999999% likelihood this is "just a bug in WiX v4".

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