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WiX Toolset v3.10.4
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WiX v3.10.4 is the latest recommended maintenance release of WiX v3.10; it contains the mitigations in WiX v3.10.3 for a vulnerability affecting all bundles. We strongly recommend upgrading to WiX v3.10.4 so you can ship safe bundles.

For more information about the vulnerability, see WiX v3.10.4 and v3.11.1 released.

The following bugs were fixed:


  • wix310.exe is the installer for the WiX Toolset and is required for integration into Visual Studio.
  • contains the wix310.exe installer inside a .zip file, useful if your IT department prevents direct downloading of .exe files.
  • contains the files that make up the WiX Toolset and is useful if you don't need Visual Studio integration -- for example, if you're just checking WiX into source control.
  • contains a reference copy of the WiX source code and symbol (.pdb) files, both of which are useful when debugging problems with WiX.