@robmen robmen released this May 5, 2017 · 38 commits to develop since this release

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Visual Studio 2017 and MSBuild v15

  • barnson added support for building WiX with Visual Studio 2017 per issue 5484.
  • robmen moved Votive from WiX to .vsix packages and its own repo.
  • robmen updated the WiX MSBuild tasks and targets to work with the new isolated MSBuild v15 in Visual Studio 2017.
  • heaths added support for detecting Visual Studio 2017.
  • barnson fixed bug 5535 by ensuring TargetPath project reference variables don't get multiple identical items due to a change in Visual Studio 2017.
  • barnson fixed bug 5537 by ensuring TargetDir project reference variables end in a backslash due to a change in Visual Studio 2017.

Burn and WixStandardBootstrapperApplication

  • rickpmartin made the WixMbaPrereqLicenseUrl variable in WixNetFxExtension overridable.
  • rseanhall fixed bug 4810 by ensuring the pre-req mode of WixStdBA only handles installation and help.
  • hshiozawa formatted LaunchWorkingFolder in WixStdBA per the documentation.
  • aleksandr-grechko fixed bug 4094 in WixStdBA to slightly better support MSI packages with DisplayInternalUI="yes".
  • barnson fixed bug 4876 to keep Burn running on really old hardware.
  • barnson fixed bug 5318 by updating a null check in Burn.
  • jchoover fixed bug 4943 to support per-user bundle updates.
  • barnson fixed bug 4933 by adding an optional loc string for Windows XP users in WixStdBA.
  • robmen fixed bug 5307 by correctly setting SystemFolder and System64Folder Burn variables.
  • BMurri fixed bug 4499 by adding support for UI languages to WixStdBA.
  • BMurri implemented issue 5285 to add a built-in UserUILanguageID variable to Burn.
  • rseanhall fixed bug 5435 by letting a bootstrapper application load DLLs from its own directory.
  • rseanhall fixed bug 5512 by applying some COM interop goo to IBootstrapperApplication.OnDetectCompatiblePackage.
  • rseanhall fixed bug 5521 by adding Microsoft.Tools.WindowsInstallerXml.Bootstrapper.ErrorType.Apply.

Extensions and custom actions

  • phillHgl fixed bug 5331 by fixing the ConfigureSmbUninstall custom action to handle file share descriptions larger than 72 characters.
  • nathan-alden added support for .NET Framework 4.6.2, as requested (by nathan-alden no less) in issue 5370.
  • nirbar fixed bug 5217 by fixing the ConfigureUsers custom action's error checking.
  • barnson fixed the CreateUser custom action's error checking.
  • fyodorkor fixed bug 4956 by hiding custom action data that could contain sensitive data.
  • jabo2 added support for icons in WixUtilExtension's InternetShortcut.
  • barnson fixed bug 5522 by making WixUtilExtension's InternetShortcut icons optional, implementing the custom action, and adding a shortcut to wixtoolset.org so we always have a way of testing it all.

WiX native and managed SDKs

  • barnson taught the DUtil function FileVersionFromStringEx to handle "vVersion" syntax.
  • jchoover fixed bug 5334 by having the DUtil function BundleEnumRelatedBundle return the bundle id rather than the bundle provider key.
  • rseanhall fixed bug 4929 by adding a limited number of retries when a log file can't be created in Burn (or any code using the DUtil PathCreateTimeBasedTempFile function).

Core toolset


Visual Studio Extension


  • piccoloaiutante added an Italian translation for strings in WixUtilExtension.
  • sGeeK44 added French and Spanish translations for strings in WixUtilExtension.
  • zakred added a Spanish translation for strings in WixFirewallExtension.
  • MarcSchaetz added a German translation for strings in WixSqlExtension.
  • ujdhesa contributed an Albanian translation for WixUIExtension.


  • MichaWiedenmann fixed bug 5210 by cleaning up WixNetFxExtension documentation.
  • Daniel15 did some cleanup on WiX how-to documentation.
  • NPatch added documentation for the Insignia MSBuild task.
  • barnson fixed some how-to documentation per bug 4869.
  • barnson added version numbers to some documentation to clarify in which versions of WiX some functionality was introduced.
  • Tiberriver256 fixed bug 5552 by correcting a typo in a how-to.

WiX bundle and bootstrapper application

  • jchoover fixed bug 4847 by adding status information to the WiX bootstrapper application.
  • barnson fixed bug 5474 by adding license.txt to the binaries .zip.
  • barnson updated the splash screen for the WiX bundle.
  • barnson fixed the WiX bundle's detection of the .NET 3.5.1 prerequisite.
  • rseanhall fixed the WiX bootstrapper application so you don't need two clicks when one should suffice.
  • barnson fixed bug 5527 by adding UI support in the WiX bootstrapper application for layout mode.
  • rseanhall implemented issue 5510 by adding a hyperlink to the WiX bundle bootstrapper application.
  • barnson fixed bug 5538 by adding the native SDK for Visual Studio 2017 to the WiX bundle.


  • wix311.exe is the installer for the WiX Toolset build tools.
  • wix311exe.zip contains the wix311.exe installer inside a .zip file, useful if your IT department prevents direct downloading of .exe files.
  • wix311-binaries.zip contains the files that make up the WiX Toolset and is useful if you don't want to install the toolset -- for example, if you're just checking WiX into source control.
  • wix311-debug.zip contains a reference copy of the WiX source code and symbol (.pdb) files, both of which are useful when debugging problems with WiX.